Debt Collection Solicitors Kilkenny

Debt Collection FeaturedEvery business depends on constant cash-flow and payment of invoices on time, but unfortunately, there are often some clients or customers from whom receiving payment becomes a problem.

If the level of debts outstanding to your company reaches the point where you decide to consult a solicitor, choosing Valerie Cotter of Valerie Cotter & Co. in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, could prove to be one of the best financial decisions you will make.

Valerie has many years of experience as a debt collection solicitor, and is renowned for frank and direct advice on all debt collection matters.

For instance, she may establish that there is simply no money to be had from that client (perhaps if their company has gone into liquidation or been dissolved), and so will advise your best course of action is to reluctantly write off that debt.

In other cases, she may advise what while an instalment order might be secured in court, you should consider whether or not an order that may only be for small weekly or monthly instalments off a substantial debt is worth pursuing.

If Valerie’s advice and your decision is to take action over outstanding debts, however, Valerie will work diligently to ensure that you receive the money you are due. She can act for you in all stages of the debt collection process, including:

  • Sending a Letter of Demand – where the debtor is advised to pay up promptly or else face legal action. This can often be enough to spur partial or full payment of the debt. Valerie can also advise on your rights regarding retaining title for unpaid-for goods and services.
  • Bringing Legal Proceedings – this can be to the District Court, Circuit Court, or High Court, depending on the level of debt involved. Merely serving a summons may also spur the debtor into action before proceedings formally begin, as they make payment or negotiate a payment plan rather than having to face court. In such circumstances, Valerie will advise on whether to agree to a payment plan, or whether to proceed to a court sitting.
  • Enforcement of Proceedings – even being granted an order in court does not always guarantee you will receive payment. If the debtor continues to refuse to pay, Valerie will advise on your options and take appropriate action. These actions include seeking an instalment order, a committal order, an attachment order, a judgement mortgage, or sending the judgement to the Sheriff’s Office for enforcement.

Overall, Valerie will take all legal steps possible to ensure you receive the money you are due. For advice on any debt collection matter, contact her at your convenience.